For Single Head Waterjet Table Up to 2gpm Clean Delivery


For Single Head Waterjet Table Up to 2gpm Clean Delivery

Thru a Series of Filters the Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration allows the waterjet user to filter and reuse the overflow water from the Waterjet Table, eliminating water going to the drain and reducing water consumption up to 98%. The Ebbco Closed Loop System is designed specifically to filter and treat water to the OEM Pump Manufacturer Specifications, resulting in reduced pump maintenance and costly down time.


System Dimensions 66”L x 36”W x 68”H
Delivery Rate up to 2 GPM
Designed PSI @ Flow Rate 85 PSI
Standard Voltage Options 230vac/3Phase/60Hz
(Consult Factory for Other Voltages) 460vac/3Phase/60Hz


Filter Pump HP 1
Feed Pump HP 0.85


Filter Vessel #1 WJF‐0833‐BC
Replacement Bag EF‐WJF‐1‐G2PS/EA
Filter Vessel #2 WJF‐HRF‐155‐LP
Replacement Filter EF‐WJF‐HR930‐Q.35
Filter Vessel #3 WJF‐DI‐1
Replacement Bag ER‐CLS‐WJR‐100‐PKG
Filter Vessel #4 WJF‐HSL‐10‐12
Replacement Filter EF‐WJF‐801‐0.35


Capacity 150 gallons
Construction Stainless Steel


1 Extended Area Bag Filter
Part Number: WJF-1-G2PS-EA
2 Sub‐Micron Hurricane Cartridge
Part Number: WJF‐HR‐930‐Q.35
3 Waterjet Resin
Part Number: CLSR‐WJR‐100‐PKG
4 Sub‐Micron Final Filter
Part Number: WJF‐801‐0.35
5 Pre‐Filter Bag
Part Number: WJF‐PFB‐150