Coolant Filtration

Coolant Filtration

Sludgemaster Coolant Filtration

Sludgemaster Series Filtration is designed to Extend Coolant Life by preventing contaminants from accumulating anywhere in the machine. Sludgemasters combines the process of circulation, filtration And evacuation in a continuous coolant management system.

SludgeMaster Hydro Series

The Sludgemaster Hydro Media Free Filtration Systems are designed to prevent sludge contamination and extends coolant life indefinitely. Sludgemasters Systems can be specified for one or more grinders without cumbersome piping, costly installation or excessive downtime.

Package Filtration Systems

Complete preā€packaged filtration system designed to install on existing equipment, which minimizes design, installation and operating costs. Continuously maintains liquid quality on machines tools, grinders, parts washers, cooling towers and other applications