Evomatic Central Automatic Backwashing Filtration Systems

Evomatic Filtration Systems

The Ebbco Evomatic Central Automatic Backwashing Filtration Systems are custom designed to accommodate multiple Grinding Machines. System are designed to filter oils, on machines cutting Materials such as high speed steel, carbide, ceramics, PCD and much more. The Evomatic Filtration Central System will filter oils down to ½ Micron while maintaining a consistent temperature. Automatic Backwash intervals are factory preset to offer the optimum filter life. Central systems are custom sized per application and can provide clean fluid at the flow and pressure of up to 120+ gpm.

System Features

  • 1/2 Micron Filtration on Oil
  • Five Micron Filtration on Coolants
  • Maintain Consistent Temperatures
  • Automatic timed Backwash Cycles
  • Multiple Sludge Receiver Options
  • Central Systems Available
  • Various Voltages Available
Model NumberClean Delivery
(Up To)
Chiller BTU Rating
EVOMATIC 30/20‐12K20 GPM12,000
EVOMATIC 30/30‐24K30 GPM24,000
EVOMATIC 30/30‐30K30 GPM30,000
EVOMATIC 60/40‐30K40 GPM40,000
EVOMATIC 120/80‐40K80 GPM40,000
EVOMATIC 120/80‐60K80 GPM60,000
EVOMATIC 60/40‐24K40 GPM24,000
EVOMATIC 120/80‐90K80 GPM90,000