Hole Driller EDM

Hole Driller EDM

Streamline Hole Driller Filtration

Serves as a Complete Dielectric System to Hole Popper EDM Machines. System Come Standard With Two (2) Ten (10) Gallon Clean/Dirty Tanks, Stainless Steel Filter Pump, 20” Filter Housing. Completely Pre-Plumbed And Assembled On A Compact Painted Carbon Steel Base With A 110 Volt On/Off Electrical Control. System is available with a #835 Fiberglass Resin Bole for DI Water Applications

Hole Driller Filtration System

Complete Dielectric Filtration System for Small Hole EDM Machines. This unit incorporates a Stainless Steel Filter Pump, 924 Stainless Steel Filter Vessel, Two 10 gallon Clean/Dirty Tanks and a 110vac on./of Electrical Switch. System is available with a 1/2 cu.ft. Stainless Steel DI Resin Vessel is Available.