Chiller Types

Chiller Types

Central Chillers

Ebbco Central Chillers for Precision Machining applications are sized according to the needs of the end users. Chillers are designed to cool the metalworking fluid through remote heat exchanges installed on each the machines. All Ebbco Closed Loop Chillers include an Installation kit and the Glycol for startup.

Inline Chillers

Ebbco Inline Chillers area designed to maintain consistent fluid temperatures on Grinding Fluid and Coolant application. The Inline series are designed to work with any Ebbco filtration system, an optional pump is available for direct tank connections.

Drop-In/Immersion Chiller

Ebbco Drop-In Chiller are designed to be directly immersed into the coolant or oil tank. This Chiller will maintain a set temperature in the tank.

Spindle Cooling Chiller

Ebbco Spindle Cooling Chillers are designed to cool the high pressure spindle on Grinding Machines. All Ebbco Spindle Chillers include an installation kit and optional Glycol and Heat Exchanger are available.