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The Ebbco DI Regeneration Program

Ebbco offers a D.I Regeneration Program that is simple and easy to use. Simply purchase a regeneration coupon from your local Ebbco EDM Dealer. Place the coupon with the spent bag or bottle and ship to one of the four exchange facilities that represent your state. There the resin will be regenerated and returned to you. As the resin is worn out, it is topped off by virgin resin during the regeneration process. Ebbco’s regeneration program is designed so you never have to purchase another new bag of resin again.

Part Number Size Discription
EDM-ERC-11 Cu. Ft.Ebbco Bag with Prefilter
EDM-ERC-1-BK1 Cu.Ft.Bulk Resin
EDM-ERC-05½ Cu. Ft.Ebbco Bag with Prefilter
EDM-DRC-05½ Cu. Ft.Mitsubishi Style Bag
EDM-ERC-FEB-635½ Cu. Ft. Fiberglass Bottle
EDM-ERC-FEB-8350.8 Cu.Ft.Fiberglass Bottle
EDM-ERC-FEB-10351.2 Cu.Ft..Fiberglass Bottle

Regeneration Shipping Locations