Hurricane Polishing Systems

Hurricane Polishing System

The Ebbco “Hurricane System” delivers point of use crystal clear water for CNC Machines and Edge Polishers. System provides uninterrupted water flow at an economical price. The Hurricane polishing filter can be added to any water system. The Economical Hurricane Filters are cleanable and reusable for month’s even years.


The Hurricane Filter Cartridge is designed to remove solids through a corrugated polyester – plus™ media that provides exceptional dirt holding capacity and maximizes flow. Dirt is distributed more evenly for longer filter runs and lower pressure drop. This media’s exclusive blend of fibers will not shrink delaminate or migrate. A rugged PVC Core and the media are bonded to the end caps for high integral strength and long service life. Cartridges will withstand 35 psi pressure differential. Cartridges can be cleaned and reused for months or even years.

Uninterrupted Flow Series

Model NumberFlow Rate (GPM)Description
SWF‐D‐H‐UF‐FSB10Duplex Hurricane Polishing System
SWF-Q‐H‐UF‐FSB20Quad Hurricane Polishing System
SWF‐H‐H‐UF‐FSB30Hexplex Hurricane Polishing System
SWF‐O‐H‐UF‐FSB40Octoplex Hurricane Polishing System

High Flow Series

Model NumberFlow Rate (GPM)Description
SWF‐S‐H‐HF‐FSB10Simplex Hurricane Polishing System
SWF‐D‐H‐HF‐FSB20Duplex Hurricane Polishing System
SWF‐T‐H‐HF‐FSB30Triplex Hurricane Polishing System
SWF‐Q‐H‐HF‐FSB40Quad Hurricane Polishing System