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The Ebbco Royal Flush Grinding Fluids

Royal Flush Grinding Fluids have been formulated to be utilized in the grinding process of Carbide, High Speed Steel, PCD and Stainless Steel, with the finest quality base stock available providing a water white appearance with low odor for a pleasant work environment. Royal Flush Grinding Fluids have excellent resistance to oxidation which extends fluid life. The low viscosity of this product allows for good circulation and rapid settling and removal of fines resulting in longer filter life, fewer quality rejections and is excellent for High Speed Grinding Applications.

Clear Grind

AppearanceClear, Water White
OdorMild to None
Specific Gravity0.769 g/ml
Flash Point (C.O.C.)245˚F (118˚C)
Viscosity34 SUS (2.41 cSt)
Density6.40 lbs/gal

Precision Grind

Clear, Water White
Mild to None
0.781 g/ml
260˚F (127˚C)
38 SUS (3.6 cSt)
6.5 lbs/gal

Precision Grind-XL

Clear, Water White
0.798 g/ml
320˚F (160˚C)
42 SUS (4.88 cSt)
6.64 Lbs/gal