EDM Consumables

EDM Consumables

EDM Filters

Ebbco Replacement Hurricane Filter Cartridges are made of a corrugated polyester‐plus™ or cellulose media that provides exceptional dirt‐holding capacity and maximum flow. Ebbco cartridges will withstand 35 psi pressure differential and separate particulate from liquids with a ph level between 3 and 11, at temperatures up to 140°F. All Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridges are cleanable and reusable.

EDM Resin

Ebbco Package Resin is made from a high grade mixed bed virgin resin. It may be used in polishers following other types of water processing. Our mixed bed resin can be used for regenera tive and non‐regenerative applications. It is available packaged in 1 cu.ft. and ½ cu.ft. bags for DI resin vessels and bulk or loose form. Model No.

Resin Bottles

Ebbco Fiberglass bottles are constructed from a heavy-duty fiberglass material and filled with Mixed Bed Resin. Each Bottle features a Park style head assembly with a strainer built into the riser tube, helps extend the life of the resin and stop bead migration. Various sizes and models available for all DI water applications. All New Bottles Include a Cam Loc fitting kit for 3/4” connections (1/2” Available by request).

Royal Flush

ROYAL FLUSH Premium Dielectric Fluids are designed for EDM Applications it is formulated with the finest base stocks available, providing a water white appearance with low odor for a pleasant work environment. Fluids are compatible with most other fluids, and are available in a full synthetic and semi-synthetic strengths.

Clear Magic

CLEAR MAGIC ‐Corrosion Inhibitor—Made Entirely From U.S.P. Grade Materials, Clear Magic Corrosion Inhibitor will not interfere or plug filters and is non‐conductive so it will not effect the ionic strength of the water. Clear Magic will only leave a this protective film that will not crystalize . Recommended dilution is 1 gallon per 100 gallons of water .