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EDM Chiller/Ozone Generators Types

Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators are designed to maintain bacteria control for EDM dielectric tanks.

Inline Chillers

Ebbco Inline Chillers area designed to maintain working temperatures for DI water and Conventional EDM Applications. Chillers are designed to replace OEM chillers or can be added to any Ebbco filtration system. All Ebbco Chillers come standard with digital temperature controller and stainless steel enclosure. Pump may be added to provide the chiller with proper flow and pressure if the machine is incapable of providing. For proper sizing please contact our sales department

Closed Loop Chiller

The Ebbco Closed Loop Chillers are designed as a replacement chiller for OEM Machines that have existing Coil System or Heat Exchangers on the machine. Each Ebbco Closed Chiller comes complete with Installation Kit and Glycol for Start-up, Chillers are equipped with Manual Bypass, Cleanable Air Filters, Digital Temperature Controller and Have an Option of Outdoor Placement.

Central Chillers

Ebbco offers Central Chiller Packages to replace existing chillers on multiple EDM machines. Utilizing the machines filter pump to feed individual Heat Exchangers, A Closed Loop Style Chiller can feed up to 10 Machines off One Chiller, freeing up valuable floor space, chillers have the option of outdoor placement are custom sized to fit each application.