623 Vessel
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623 Vessel

The Ebbco 623 Filter Vessels are constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel with a swing bolt lid assembly. This cartridge vessel is designed to accept a single 6” x 23” micron rated filter cartridge. This vessel and cartridges are compatible with EDM Dielectric & Grinding Oil and water soluble coolants. Filter cartridges are available in various micron sizes with the holding capacity of up to 30 lbs of sludge per cartridge.

Model NumberFlow RateMax Temp (°F)Max PressureFilter QtyPipe Size (inch)Construction
 RecomMax   InletOutlet 
PMF-623-FC-BC204018090111Stainless Steel
PMF-6232040180150111Carbon Steel
PMF3-62360120180150322Carbon Steel
PMF5-623100120180150522Carbon Steel
PMF8-623160320180150833Carbon Steel