Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge Package Filtration

The Ebbco Cartridge Package Filtration system is a complete Precision Machining Filter Unit. This unit is designed for Precision Machining Application of All Metals, PCD and Ceramics. This system incorporates a Clean/Dirty Tank, prefilter system with the option of a magnetic prefilter, Vertical Filter Pump, Filter Cartridge vessel, Optional Inline Chiller and Optional Delivery Pump.

Single Cartridge Filtration

The 623 and 729 Single Vessel Filtration System are Designed To Remove Suspended Solids From the Solution to a specified micron size. Each system includes a filter pump to provide the appropriate GPM per vessel. Systems are preplumbed and mounted to a painted carbon steel base and include either single phase or three phase electrical.

Multi-Hole Cartridge Filtration

Ebbco Multiā€Hole Filtration Systems Have Been Designed To Remove Particulate From Water Soluble Coolant And Oil. Systems incorporate a multi-hole filter vessel containing up to 8 filter cartridges. These Systems Offer an Optional Inline Chiller Which Will Maintain A Constant Operating Temperature.