Carbide Recycle Program

The Ebbco Carbide Recycling Program

  1. Ebbco Filtration Systems using our filter cartridges can operate on any Carbide Machining Operation, Providing Excellent Fluid Life and Part Finish
  2. Dry Spent Filter Cartridges can be packed into a lined bulk return box which can be provided to you free with the purchase of 36 or more filter cartridges or for the cost of shipping.
  3. The Dried Spent Cartridges then will be shipped via carrier of your choice to Ebbco inc.
  4. Ebbco will handle all shipping to the recycling plant and proper disposal of all filter cartridges.
  5. Ebbco will issue a check or credit your account the value of the carbide reclaimed for purchases on consumable products.

Benefits to Recycling your Carbide Sludge

  • Run a Cleaner Operation
  • Have No Disposal Fees or Issues
  • Have No Need for Special Permits
  • Lower your Operating Costs