HMC/VMC Filtration System
HMC/VMC Filtration System

For Horizontal/Vertical Machining Centers

A Complete Packaged Filtration System Designed for Horizontal and Vertical Machining Center Machines. System is designed to be installed on existing or in lieu of OEM Supplied pumps and tanks, which will lower import and freight costs and enhance the US content of the machine tool. This Filtration System is designed to continuously maintain the fluid quality to increase coolant life indefinitely.

Product Benefits

  • Increases Fluid Life Indefinitely
  • Improves Finish, Quality and Consistency of Parts
  • Increases Productivity by eliminating downtime for tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Eliminate Routine Coolant Waste. – Converts waste solids into salvageable or sellable scrap, potential source reduction and EPA waste exemption
  • Contributes to a cleaner, healthier work environment and improves employee morale and productivity.