SludgeMaster Hydro Series

SludgeMaster Hydro Series

Sludge Master Hydro Series Filtration System is Designed to filter water-based coolant to prevent sludge contamination and extends coolant life indefinitely.

Sludge Master Filtration Hydro Series Filtration Systems utilize a Vertical Heavy-Duty filter pump to supply coolant to a Centrifugal Separator prefilter. A Series of Hydrocyclones continue to polish coolant down to 5 micron, continuously purging solids into a Sludge Receiver. Optional Clean tank mounted delivery pump delivers clean fluid back to the machine tool at OEM specified flow rate and pressure.

System are compatible with various materials including Carbide, Aluminum, Tool Steel, Ceramics and more.

Sludge Masters systems can be applied to one or more machines without cumbersome piping, costly installation or excessive downtime.

10 Micron Filtration

Model NumberTank Capacity (Gallons)Delivery Rate

System Options & Add-Ons

  • Clean Delivery Pump to supply clean fluid back to the machine at the OEM Specified flow rate and pressure
  • Chillers for Temperature Control
  • Self-Dumping Hoppers