Waterjet Closed Loop



Multiple Waterjet Tables Up to 6 gpm Clean Delivery

The Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System is designed to allow a water jet user the ability to operate with zero discharge of water to their drain. By filtering and re‐using the captured overflow water, water consumption is reduced by as much as 98%. Thru a series of filters, the Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System protects the high‐pressure water jet pump, by always providing cool, clean water at the manufactures specifications, resulting in reduced pump maintenance and costly machine tool down time.

Product Benefits

  • Close the drain.
  • Drastically reduce water consumption.
  • Delivers cold water at  OEM specification.
  • Cools High Pressure Pump Hydraulics.
  • Maximizes pump performance.
  • Maximizes orifice/mixing tube and jewel life.
  • Reduce the need for makeup water
  • Assists in complying with local and state waste  regulations.
  • ISO 14001 mandatory system.


System Dimensions 96”L x 48”W x 68”H
Delivery Rate up to 6 GPM
Designed PSI @ Flow Rate 80 PSI
Standard Voltage Options 230vac/3Phase/60Hz
(Consult Factory for Other Voltages) 460vac/3Phase/60Hz


Name Qty Part Number
Bag Vessel 2 SLBV-0833-BC
Replacement Bag   CLS-1-G2PS-EA
Filter Vessel 2 WJF‐HRF‐155‐LP
Replacement Filter   CLS‐HR-930‐Q.35
DI Resin Vessel 2 CLS‐DI‐1
Replacement Bag   CLS‐WJR‐100‐PKG
Final Filter 1 CLS_HBB-20
Replacement Filter   CLS‐BB‐0.35


Capacity 200 gallons
Construction Stainless Steel


1 Extended Area Bag Filter
Part Number: CLS-1-G2PS-EA
2 Sub‐Micron Hurricane Cartridge
Part Number: CLS‐HR‐930‐Q.35
3 Waterjet Resin
Part Number: CLS‐WJR‐100‐PKG
4 Sub‐Micron Final Filter
Part Number: CLS‐BB‐0.35