Chiller Types

Chiller Types

Inline Chillers

The Ebbco In‐Line Chillers are designed to be used in conjunction with the Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System, to cool the OEM’s high pressure pumps as well as the Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System, providing cooled treated water for hydraulic cooling and cuting purposes to maximize high pressure pump seal life.

Closed Loop Chiller

Ebbco Closed Loop Chillers are designed to cool the hydraulics on a high pressure intensifier feed pump. The Closed Loop Chiller eliminates the discharge of hydraulic cooling water to drain. All Ebbco Closed Loop Chillers include an Installation kit and the Glycol for start up. An optional Heat Exchanger for to chill incoming cuting water.

Flow Thru Chillers

The Ebbco Flow Thru Chillers are designed to rapidly cool clean process water in a single pass prior to entry into a direct drive style high pressure pump. Chillers do not have pumps and operate on the pressure of process water (not to exceed 150 psi).