Filter Vessel #2


Replacement Resin Bag

The Resin bag is design to remove the Dissolved Solids from the filtered overflow water and maintain the set level TDS in the Clean Tank. Ebbco's specialized blend of waterjet resin is made from a high grade mixed bed virgin resin. This special blend has provided customers with longer life and cleaner, softer water when run in the Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System. Each new Resin bag includes a 1 cu. Ft. Sock of Resin and a 5 Micron Prefilter Disc.


Part NumberWJF-100-PKG
Box Quantity1 Pcs
Resin TypeWaterjet Blend
Average lifeVaries

DI Resin Exchange Program

Ebbco Inc. offers a resin exchange program for the exchange of the spent resin bag. This program is services from our Michigan and California Excahnge Facilities.

Each New Bag includes the proper disposal of your spend bag. a new 1 Cu Ft. Resin bag filled with waterjet resin and a new 5 micron pre-filter disk