• Automatic Filter Cleaning
    Self Cleaning at the push of a button
    Reduce Labor time and cost
    Effectively washes filter first time every time
    Central Chiller System
  • Royal Flush Grinding Fluids
    No Cobalt Leaching
    Longer Wheel Life
    High Lubricity
    Chlorine & Sulphur Free
    Clear in Color
    Royal Flush Drums
  • NEW
    Backwash Filtration System
    Recommended Highly on Carbide Grinding Applications
    Provides Uninterrupted Clean Fluid Flow
    Single or Multiple Machine Capacity
    Captures Dry Sludge for Recycling
    Filtration down to ½ Micron
    NEW Backwash Filtration System
  • Central Filtration Systems
    Clean Fluid Delivery up to 350 GPM
    Up to 10 machine Capacity per System
    Multiple Chiller Configurations available
    Central Filter System
  • Central Chiller Systems
    Save Valuable Shop Floor Space
    Eliminate Heat and Noise from Shop Environment
    Outdoor Chiller Placement Available
    Heat Exchanger packages Available
    Central Chiller System
  • DI Regeneration Program
    Fiberglass Bottles, Resin bags and Bulk Resin
    Bulk Return program Available
    Five Exchange Facilities located throughout the US
    Resin Recycle Prgram
  • Carbide Recycling Program
    Turn Spent Carbide into CASH
    Supplement Filtration Costs with Carbide Sludge
    Extra discount product when account credit is chosen
    Shipping Containers available
    Carbide Recycle Program

Mission Statement: “To be the Premier Fluid Conditioning Solution for all Industrial Fluids.”