Evomatic Series Filtration

Evomatic Series Filtration

Automatic Backwashing Filtration Systems

The Evomatic Automatic Backwashing filtration Systems is highly Recommended on Carbide Applications . Fluid is filtered through redundant filter vessels with a factory timed backwash intervals depending on the application and material being machined.

System Features

  • 1/2 Micron Filtration on Oil
  • Five Micron Filtration on Coolants
  • Maintain Consistent Temperatures
  • Automatic timed Backwash Cycles
  • Multiple Sludge Receiver Options
  • Central Systems Available
  • Various Voltages Available
Model NumberClean Delivery
(Up To)
Chiller BTU Rating
EVOMATIC 30/20‐12K20 GPM12,000
EVOMATIC 30/30‐24K30 GPM24,000
EVOMATIC 30/30‐30K30 GPM30,000
EVOMATIC 60/40‐30K40 GPM40,000
EVOMATIC 120/80‐40K80 GPM40,000
EVOMATIC 120/80‐60K80 GPM60,000
EVOMATIC 60/40‐24K40 GPM24,000
EVOMATIC 120/80‐90K80 GPM90,000